Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher


About ME

Solution Strategist and Project Leader

I'm a strategic leader with a focus on digital strategy, integrated marketing campaigns, eCommerce and mobile experiences.  With over 18 years of experience in the digital space, I've worked across a range of industries and sizes - from startups to established global brands.  

Creating inspiring project visions and strategies is my bread and butter.  I build 360 degree competitive analyses, in-depth research plans and go-to-market playbooks.  But I also wear many hats to help my teams launch successful projects -  from project management to user testing to in-market performance optimization. 

Some of my current and previous clients include brands like The North Face, Lucy Activewear and Ka'ana Resort, as well as agencies and consulting firms Fluid, Inc. and Zobrist Consulting (an IBM Partner).  My specialties include retail ecommerce and mobile development.


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Tool Kit


Digital Strategy

A successful digital project starts with the business problem, an outstanding project vision and shared, trackable goals.  Here's how we get there. 

stakeholder interviews

An organizational deep-dive by an impartial external observer uncovers sometimes surprising insights.

Competitive Analysis

Your competition isn't always who you think!  A 360 degree overview of digital activities of your business and your audience clarifies the landscape.

Key Insights

I use case studies to highlight opportunities and challenges,  and creative brainstorming to land on the strategic ideas that anchor the project goals and approach. 

Mission and Vision

A strategic mission and clear goals give the team filters to work from and a strong vision of what success will look like no matter how a project evolves.


Team Leadership
& Project Management

I consistently, successfully lead teams in the development of strategic interactive solutions and ecommerce experiences that meet traffic, sales and brand goals.

agile development

Communication and organization brings success to fast-paced sprints.


I'm dedicated to making my teams successful.  Need someone to jump in and edit copy?  Run a user test?  Chances are, I've done it before and am up for the challenge.





Sarah is one of those individuals who makes the impossible look easy. She’s able to listen to the needs of various internal stakeholders, formulate solutions that work for everyone AND get them implemented quickly. Sarah is well liked, respected by her peers and pushes for innovation in her work - an asset to any team!
Sarah’s ability to instill confidence and professionalism in her team, her client & internal employee management skills and her ability to keep a cool head in sometimes difficult situations really stand out.
Great strategist. Sarah sees the whole picture while also able to dial down into specific strategies.
Sarah is the BEST.



Great team member.
Top-notch results. 
Complete satisfaction.



My Story

I started working on the internet when the internet was "new", with a college job helping people set up their Excite email accounts.  I moved to San Francisco in the heart of the tech boom and I was hooked. Startups launching new technologies, established brands looking to stay current and push the envelope.  It never ends and it's always exciting.



Work Together

I'd love to hear more about your business challenges and upcoming projects and talk about how I can help.  Please get in touch and we'll start the conversation!



Sarah Gallagher
Santa Monica, CA
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